Concentrates are heating up faster than any other product on the legal cannabis scene in Colorado. Find out why on this immersive 2.5 hour marijuana concentrates excursion. Get insight on how plant matter is removed from the good stuff. This will include information about the endocannabinoid system, terpenes, different methods of extraction, forms of concentrate, and a hands-on Rosin Press demonstration brought to you by Rosin Bomb.

Next, you will be loaded onto one of our GLobal kush-friendly buses and depart for the Karmaceuticals facilities. While in transit, our tour guides will prepare everyone for the tour of the partner’s facilities. Once you have arrived on-site, you will be escorted inside of their beautiful boutique-style cultivation.

Upon completion of the tour of their cultivation, you will then enter their high-end retail dispensary. Karmaceuticals is best known by locals for their extensive selection of limited and hard to find concentrates, featuring some of the best products in the entire state of Colorado! Of course, being a My  GLobal Kush Dispensary Tours guest, you will be able to purchase exclusive product packages with a big discount.  Yabba DAB-ba doobie!