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This indica has a purple hue, fruity and spicy flavors, and a THC content that tends to fall between 19-23%.

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Buy Diablo Dank Vape Online. Diablo is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain. It has a 40:60 indica/Sativa ratio, which produces an amazing 22% THC content. Diablo is a cross between Next Generation’s skunk and OG Kush. Considering its heritage, one would assume it to be nothing more than your average Kush. This indica has a purple hue, fruity and spicy flavors, and a THC content that tends to fall between 15-20%. It may take some time before the effects of Diablo OG are fully appreciated. Users report waiting up to 15 minutes to feel its well-balanced high. The predominant characteristics are a clearheaded sense of focus — albeit without the intensity that can provoke paranoia and anxiety in some users. The effects of the strain can provide pain relief up to a certain extent and are perfect for individuals suffering from headaches and even migraines.

Buy Diablo Dank Vape Online

This strain provides a  euphoric and energized high which is why it is recommended for day time use. Diablo OG also retains the trademark OG hashy, Munkyy undertones. The smoke is smooth but lung expanding, and to taste sweet with hints of spice and pepper when exhaled. This is a very pungent strain and should be treated as such by both consumers and growers if discretion is a concern.


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