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Business for sale, Mobile CO2 USDA certified organic processing, and cGMP certified manufacturing.

Mobile extraction labs enable processors to achieve incredible rates of production using a curated system that’s designed to maximize available space, meet compliance standards, and yield consistent results, cycle after cycle. There are countless factors affecting the flow and output of a mobile extraction lab, from the cold centrifuge and falling film evaporator to the layout and square footage to local regulations and fire codes.

For the best results, processors must balance code compliance from various agencies and governing bodies with equipment quality and extraction productivity. Having an engineer peer-reviewed system streamlines your acceptance. We are proud to introduce MEL – the C1D1 Labs LLC Mobile Extraction Lab.



buy mobile Hemp Extraction Lab online

Making high-quality cannabis extracts from safely-extracted materials has never been cheaper, easier, or eco-friendlier. However, buying extraction equipment and building an extraction lab is still a lengthy, tedious, and expensive process. The typical extraction machine currently on the market is expensive, slow, and difficult to operate. This is especially true of CO2 extractions.

Package Includes


PX1 Hydrocarbon Extractor (details)

  • Butane, propane or blended solvents
  • 3-5 lbs per hour processing
  • 30-45 minute* cycle time
  • Up to 40 lb, per 8-hour shift
  • Great for making isolate/sauce, distillate, vape pens, shatter, wax/sugar, tinctures and edibles
  • ASME certified and engineer peer reviewed

C1D1 Room

EXP1 Room (details)

  • Pre-fabricated and ready-to-assemble enclosures
  • 10’W x 8’H x 12’6″D working dimensions
  • No exposed cables or wires
  • Includes fittings and wiring for installation
  • 1-day installation
  • OSHA compliant and engineer peer-reviewed
  • For use in all regulated jurisdictions†


CRVpro8 Welch Pump
GC 5000 Gas Compressor (details)
GC 5000 Coil Condenser


Huber CC 902
Huber CC-308B

Vacuum Ovens

Across International 1.9 cu ft Vacuum Oven

Entrepreneurial companies have taken advantage of this gap in the industry by deploying mobile extraction laboratories to service the cannabis sector. The type of services which can be performed on these mobile platforms include dehydration of plant material, cannabis grinding, solvent-based extraction and filtration, fractional distillation, and odor elimination systems (OES).

most CO2 extraction machines on the market are “high temperature, high pressure.” QuadronCannatechCorporation, a subsidiary of Soma Labs Scientific, is trying to change that. Lander and his team set out to redefine CO2 extraction by designing a new machine. “Mobile comes down to the size of the equipment, the energy footprint, and its ability to extract and simplicity to operate,” Lander said. By focusing on low-temperature CO2 extractions, Quadron’s mobile unit reduces the amount of power they consume, making the technology feasible.

buy mobile Hemp Extraction Lab online

A really interesting direction mobile labs could take in the future is employing ionic liquid extractions, which reduce extraction times and appropriate pressures, while simultaneously increasing extract quality.

Successful extraction starts with a careful processing planning. A process flow diagram maps out effective processing within a given lab. Process flow diagrams detail various aspects of extraction processes including the specific equipment that’s used and the input and output of various processes. While it’s essential to have an individual process flow diagram that’s designed for your particular lab, it’s helpful to consider an example to increase your understanding of process flow diagrams for extraction labs. Check out the process flow for MEL, our mobile extraction lab below:

Centrifugal Extraction

Centrifugal Extraction is the first step in the C1D1 Labs process. Biomass is added to the 30-gallon centrifuge -40C solvent fed from our solvent blaster to separate plant biomass from cannabis extracts. Depending on the size and layout of the lab, multiple centrifuges or larger centrifuges might be employed to boost output and reduce downtime. C1D1 Labs’ 30 Gallon Centrifuge is capable of processing 600 lbs of biomass in an 8-hour shift.

Falling film evaporation

After cold centrifugal extraction, the extracted tincture containing mostly ethanol with hemp oil and fats is filtered inline.

This is the advantage of cold extraction, having a cold solvent in a mobile lab is possible with the C1D1 Labs LLC solvent blaster which brings our solvents down to -40C. Fats are removed and the filtered tincture containing ethanol and hemp oil is transferred to an auxiliary holding tank where the solution is pre-heated prior to the falling film evaporator. Falling film evaporation makes it possible to recover and reuse solvents and produce a pre-distillation solution that’s mostly hemp oil, with just a small amount of ethanol.

The Yellowstone Falling Film Evaporator can recover over 80 gallons of solvent per hour inside of our 8’ container.

buy mobile Hemp Extraction Lab

Degassing and Decarboxylation

The falling film evaporation process produces crude pre-distillation solution (CPD), composed primarily of hemp oil with a small amount of ethanol. The mixture moves on to our C1D1 Labs agitated 200L decarb reactor that’s designed to remove the last remaining ethanol from the CPD and produce a pre-distillation solution (PD) made of 100 percent hemp oil that has effective first pass through distillation. Decarboxylation is a very important step to making sure your crude is distillation ready!


Following the degassing and decarboxylation, the oil (don’t use these acronyms as much as we doing) moves to the final phase of the process– distillation. The solution is processed in the C1D1 Labs 8” Wiped Film Distillation system. This process turns hemp oil into a highly concentrated distillate solution that’s highly potent. Distillation is essential in the production of tinctures, capsules, and other medicinal hemp products. This process produces waste distillate that’s either discarded or can be used to make other products and final product distillate that’s ready to be packaged and shipped to customers.

Factors affecting processing

The example process flow given above reflects standard extraction and distillation processes. Each distinct phase of the process is designed to yield the greatest volume of finished products at the highest quality possible in a mobile extraction lab. Even small variations in the performance of processing equipment can affect the entire process flow in a mobile extraction lab. With that in mind, it’s essential to invest in equipment that offers the best quality and most reliable performance possible.

In addition to the performance and capacity of the equipment in an extraction lab, processing volume is also affected by regulations limiting solvent quantities. The best way to ensure the greatest yield possible from your extraction lab, and to remain compliant with NFPA fire codes and applicable municipal regulations is to work with the C1D1 lab’s professional engineers for a lab design that’s tailor-made to meet your specific application.

Maximizing production in a lab

Let’s stay away from telling people the “juice” of our engineering. Equipment consultation, process flow planning, lab design, and MEP engineering are all essential for reliable, compliant extraction, and processing. Missing any aspect of lab planning, design and engineering can result in compliance issues, prolonged downtime, and poor performance from your equipment. With that in mind, it’s worth it to invest in comprehensive compliance services from C1D1 Labs. We design and develop 10-20 projects a month.

mobile Hemp Extraction Lab


3-Day Installation
& Training


All Required
Hoses & Fittings


Lab Plan & Design



If you want to maximize the production of your lab without the stress or hassle of tackling compliance and design on your own, consider investing in C1D1 Lab’s Easy Approval Package. You will receive equipment consultations, a process flow diagram, comprehensive lab design, and floor plan services, and PE fire protection technical report. Contact us to find out more about our Easy Approval Package and to get started with our lab design services.

All extraction technologies represent a major investment in both time and money. The owners or investors need to ensure a return on their capital, whether they are a local co-op or a national brand. Mobile extraction services can be a great way for a smaller company or a company that exclusively deals with the cultivation of cannabis, to make their own extracts.

These services increase the availability and access of extraction equipment to many entities who would otherwise simply not be able to or interested in creating their own extraction lab. Increased access means increased competition, but also lower prices and higher quality, which is good for you, the consumer. So honk your horn and snap a picture if you see a mobile extraction lab on their way to a job site near you!


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