buy Pax Era pods 500mg online


buy Pax Era pods 500mg online

Era Pods contain a special blend of Bloom Farms cannabis oil, extracted with clean CO2, an engineering marvel from the industry leaders in innovation.

The sleek, discreet vaping device
Device + pod = vape pen. For use with Pax Era Pods.
Compatible with:
Bloom Farms Pods
Bloom Farms Single Origin THC Pods
Bloom Farms Single Origin, CBD Pods
Level Classic THC Pods
Level CBD Pods

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buy Pax Era pods 500mg online

if you’ve spent any time researching vaporizers for cannabis oils, you’ve more than likely heard of or tried a PAX Era vaporizer. Since 2007 the company has remained a frontrunner in the world of cannabis vapes with what they’ve described as a “radical new approach” to experiencing concentrates. The featherlight, button-free, pocket-friendly design is a top choice amongst medical and recreational cannabis users who enjoy the clean, pure high of oil concentrates. What sets the PAX Era apart from other vapes is that the company partners with growers and concentrate manufacturers to create unique 500mg pods designed exclusively for the Era vape. They even have an app that allows you to control the vape’s temperature settings from your phone.

What Are PAX Era Pods?

The PAX Era system is a cannabis vaporizer pen but, more than that, it’s a game-changer. The slim design allows for discreet consumption and the easy to use PAX Era pod system makes it easy to change out your strain or an empty cartridge. The PAX company makes the system and the empty pods, and then sends them to licensed partners for filling with your favorite cannabis extract blend. PAX Era pods are the new generation cannabis experience — beyond flower, they allow for precise control of your experience, and when combined with the revolutionary app, allow you to be in

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This precise temperature control allows connoisseurs to taste the distinct flavors of each strain, but it’s also nice for beginners who want to start light.PAX Era is a low-profile oil vaporizer. A no-button interface means device response is instant, and variable temperature settings deliver the purest flavor profiles. Era is lightweight and pocket-sized for an on-demand experience anytime you want. Cycle through temperatures to find the perfect vapor amount and flavor profile for you. Era is a complete system that pairs only with PAX SimpleClick™ interchangeable pods. Switch out your extract pod in seconds to suit your mood or the occasion.

Bloom Farms Blended Era Pods were designed to take the guesswork out of vaping. They contain nothing but CO2-extracted, all-natural cannabis oils and terpenes derived from those very same plants. Bloom Farms have improved upon their original blended formulas with their “High Intensity” extracts. Anytime is a carefully crafted blend of hybrid cannabis oil, balanced for enjoyment around the clock. Hybrid strains inspire relaxation, creativity, and focus, the perfect remedy for everyday stresses.

Pax Era Battery
The longevity of Pax Era Pods and battery?
The battery life is about an hour and a half and can be charged the vape with a micro USB cable. Charging is fast and convenient. However, the battery life is pretty average.
The longevity of the pod varies depending on how often it is used, and the settings on which it is vaped. A Pax Era Pod can last two weeks if it is used moderately on a medium temperature. If used less often, it can be used for three to four weeks.
How to check the Pax era pod battery:
To check the battery level, gently shake the device. White LED light petals will light up to indicate how much battery is remaining. Charge Era by connecting it to the USB cable provided. While Era is charging, the LED light will indicate the battery level.

The PAX Era delivers a satisfying flavor but burns through a pod quite quickly. Of course, it depends on the chosen heat setting. The performance is similar to that of a JUUL and works very similarly. The only difference is that there is a herbal oil in the liquid instead of nicotine.

In terms of flavor and vapor production, Pod Mods are superior to a typical vape pen tank.

Pax Era Pod is a pod that goes with the Pax ERA oil Vaporizer and do not fit other weed pens. They hold CBD, Hybrid, Indica or Sativa oil (a marijuana-infused e-juice), and they are made from food-grade polycarbonates to ensure consumer safety. They are available in several strengths, strains, and flavors depending on the desired effect.

Where to buy pax era pods

They aren’t yet available nationwide for legal reasons, so look for Pax Era pods when you’re visiting Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, or Washington. so look for Era pods when you’re visiting Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, or Washington.
You can also buy Pax Era pods from online stores such as this site. Other online shops where you can buy Pax Era pods include: Eaze sells Bloom Farms, Temple, Legion of Bloom, Select, ISLAND, and Jetty brand PAX Era pods.
How long do pax era pods last:
The amount of time the material in a pod lasts is dependent on a couple of factors, including the length of your sessions, the amount of vapor you inhale, and the temperature at which you vape.

pax era cartridge

Length of session: Naturally, the longer your sessions, the more material you are going to vaporize. Longer, more frequent sessions will deplete pods more quickly than brief, occasional ones.
Inhale amount: The amount of cannabis material you vaporize depends on the amount you inhale. If you pull long and deeply, you are going to use more cannabis material than someone who takes light “sips” from the device.
Temperature: The higher the temperature, the faster the cannabis material vaporizers. When you increase temperature, more cannabis material boils away. This means you’ll be vaporizing your material more quickly than you would at a lower temperature.
Each of these factors combines to determine how long it takes for your pod to be depleted. If you engage in lengthy sessions and take big puffs of vapor at high temperatures, odds are your pod will deplete more quickly than someone who takes a small puff on occasion.
How to use pax era
Insert pax Era compatible pod (purchased separately) into the Pax Era device. The indicator light will pulse white,
meaning the device is ready for use.
Draw from the mouthpiece to initiate your session.
Remove pod when it is finished. The indicator light will
pulse blue, meaning the device is disconnected.
Pax era battery level:
To check the battery level, gently shake the device. White LED light petals will light up to indicate how much battery is

Pax era charging:
Charge Era by connecting it to the USB cable provided. While Era
is charging, the LED light will indicate the battery level.
To enhance and adjust the pod flavor profile, you can adjust your temperature setting. To enter the temp set mode,
make sure a pod is inserted and follow these three steps:
1. Shake the device—indicator will show the current battery level.
2. Remove the pod—indicator will first show current temp setting and then cycle through all available temp
3. Re-insert pod when your preferred temp setting is indicated. The indicator will pulse to confirm the change.
Your device can track the number of puffs you’ve taken.
1. Double-tap the device to view your usage on your
indicator light.
2. Count the number of petal colors; this is the
number of puffs you’ve taken in the session.
3. Sessions will reset 30 minutes after the last puff.
4. Tap six times to reset to zero at any time during the session.

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