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Buy Pineapple OG Online


Buy Pineapple OG Online


Pineapple OG offers an uplifting high which alters your mood and gives you some much-needed energy. With reinvigorating effects, this strain can put a smile on your face even after an emotionally exhausting day, turning any frown upside down



The Pineapple OG can provide its consumers with a strong high that is not too overwhelming. Due to its mood-altering effects, it might also be good for addressing symptoms of stress, an overwhelmed mind along, or those who suffer from poor mental health (such as depression or anxiety). This strain replaces negative thoughts for more upbeat ones, providing you with a positive body and mind buzz that lasts for long lengths of time. It is also thought that this particular strain is ideal for those who suffer from PTSD

effects: Creativity, inspiration, progress, motivation, imagination dry eyes, dry mouth

May Relieve: Anxiety, stress, depression, appetite loss, nausea, persistent pain

If you’re searching for a tropical-themed high then the Pineapple OG strain is where it’s at. Boasting beautifully pungent, delicious fruity flavors, this strain is a taste of the tropics you’re craving. With its stimulating and mood-enhancing effects, this strain promises to sharpen your senses for a fun and invigorating daytime high.
Buy Pineapple OG Cannabis Online. This 70% Sativa hybrid is a cross between Pineapple Express an unknown hybrid and is probably only available on the West Coast. As a relatively rare find, the content of Pineapple is unclear, but both parent strains are known for their potency, so expect this one to be pretty strong. Smoke reports mention a sweet-spicy pineapple flavor and odors of lemon, pine and fuel, and Pineapple is said to provide an upbeat, cerebral high with a decent body buzz.

Buy Pineapple OG Cannabis Online

Pineapple OG is a fruity, Sativa-dominant cross between two very well-known strains. The child of Pineapple Express and notorious marijuana. This bud has a robust flavor and offers both upbeat and relaxing effects. Pineapple marijuana’s THC content has been measured at between 23% and 26%. Some sources claim Pineapple is Sativa-dominant while others say it’s indica-dominant. But it appears to have a Sativa/indica ratio of 30:70. The high hits both the head and the body, producing a calming physical buzz and a distinct cerebral effect. This can be helpful in treating anxiety, nausea, insomnia, and everyday stress. In other words, don’t set this aside as a treatment for seizure disorders. Pineapple, not surprisingly, tastes like sweet pineapples and has a pungent smell of lemon, citrus, and pine.

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