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buy Rokin Nitro online

buy Rokin Nitro online

The Rokin Nitro2 really keeps to a simple design and presentation. Everything from the packaging to the functions to the overall look is simple and minimalistic. No complaints overall on the design. The pen itself looks cool, and its all-metal structure has a nice weight to it. If anything, the cheap and basic packaging betrays the fact that you are actually getting a sturdy and quality vape device. It’s the type of packaging you normally see on the most basic of atomizers.

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buy Rokin Nitro online

Buy Rokin Nitro Online| Buy weed Online
Buy Rokin Nitro Online, Pure vapor quality | Pen is free of any potentially toxic or hazardous materials | Very good battery quality
The bad

The Rokin Nitro2 Vaporizer Kit is an all-metal vape pen for concentrates, made with
absolutely no fibers or plastics, and certified lead-free.

Its large capacity 650 mAh battery provides three different temperature settings, and the 510 threaded spring-loaded connections ensure a safe and tight seal between its parts.

The titanium coils of the chamber reach temperatures advertised as 3.7v, 3.9v, and 4.2v, and have a 10-second auto-shutoff feature.

Vapor can be a little harsh | Dual quartz coil is the only option


The Nitro 2 is a good choice for a budget vape pen, Provider that you don’t mind that it only comes with a dual quartz coil. That means the vapor is a little harsh, but at least it is extremely pure thanks to Rokin’s manufacturing standards. You should check out the Nitro 2 if you want an inexpensive, yet very well-made, vape pen. $48.95 Visit Rokin
Rokin Nitro2 Control Button

The Rokin Nitro2 has a single button shaped like a stylized “R” that controls every aspect of the vaporizer, and the single button functionality should be familiar to anyone who has vaped before.

The button will light up in three colors – Green for its lowest temperature, Blue for its medium temperature, and Red for its highest temperature.

Five clicks of the button with power on the device, blinking three times in the color of the last used temperature setting. Another five clicks will power down the device.

Three clicks while powered on will change the device’s temperature and button color accordingly.

Holding down the button will heat the titanium coils while inhaling.

Loading Up the Rokin Nitro2

The Rokin Nitro2 pen is easy to load with concentrate. The dab tool included with the kit packaging makes it easy, and you do not have to worry too much about the exact quantity of concentrate to be used. The packaging recommends a small amount, and I was using pretty good-sized chunks larger than a piece of rice for the majority of my time with the pen.

The silicone containers provided by Rokin is a convenient way to store your concentrate while taking your Nitro2 out and about with you.

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Cleaning and Care

I could not find any official recommendations for cleaning the Rokin Nitro2 device, but I also didn’t have much need to. The titanium coils do a good job of burning away any concentrate, and as long as the device is kept upright while heating and loaded, there is little concern for constant cleaning.

If needed, an alcohol wipe would clean the outside and a q-tip dipped in alcohol can clean the chamber and coils (make sure it’s off).

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How did the Rokin Nitro2 work for me?

Performance and Vapor Quality

Over the course of a month, I used the Rokin Nitro2 in a few different settings and situations. My primary concentrate of choice in this time was Zkittlez shatter.

Compared to other vaporizing products I have tried and reviewed, the Rokin Nitro2 is one of the easiest pick up and use out of the box. The directions were easy to understand, and the functionalities are basic and intuitive.

While lounging at home, the Rokin Nitro2 is an easy and convenient way to vaporize your favorite cannabis concentrate. At my desk working or on my couch playing video games, it was easy for me to load and start vaping. A small size dab usually lasted for three to five good inhales, and there was no time wasted in waiting for anything to heat up. The pen also fit nicely in my penholder on my desk and was easily accessible as needed.

Using the Rokin Nitro2 in public and on the go is where the experience takes a slightly less positive turn. The relatively large size of the pen combined with the rose gold coloring of the metal makes it a pretty obvious vaporizing device. It was hard to be discrete if anyone was nearby, and while it was still nice to be able to vape my own shatter on the go, it was still a little uncomfortable to get the obvious stares from passersby.

I also found reloading the Rokin Nitro2 pen to be a little inconvenient while on the go. The silicone containers are a nice touch and kept my concentrate safe in my pocket, but it was a little difficult to load concentrate from the container to the pen without a dab tool. The kit does come with a dab tool, but it is not exactly something you want to walk around within your pocket. A built-in dab tool of some sort would have been greatly appreciated. With that said, it is possible to roll up a small ball of hash with your fingers and drop it onto the titanium coils.

The pen is not ideal for group situations as I needed to constantly refill it while using it with a couple of friends. One load is perfect for a single user, but multiple people will have to tediously refill it a few times. The pen provides three temperature settings, but I didn’t see a need to switch from the medium blue temperature setting as it seemed to heat up the Zkittlez perfectly as needed.

In my entire month using it, I left it powered on multiple times, but it held its charge amazingly well. I maybe had to fully recharge it three times in my entire month using it.

How to Use

  1. Unscrew the mouthpiece from the battery to expose the coils.
  2. Dab your wax onto the coils and then replace the mouthpiece.
  3. Press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  4. Press the power button three times to cycle through the voltage settings.
  5. Once healing is complete, inhale from the mouthpiece while holding down the power button.

Voltage Settings: 3.7V | 3.9V | 4.2V| Buy Rokin Nitro Online

Battery Performance: The Nitro 2 uses a 650 mAh battery that is good for an entire day of casual to moderate use. It recharges pretty quickly too, so you won’t be away from the Nitro 2 for long.

Bottom Line| Buy Rokin Nitro Online| buy cannabis Capsules

How Rokin Nitro2 Stacks Up Against the Competition

I really appreciate the simple design and functionality of the Rokin Nitro2. There are a lot of devices offering more customizations or options to also use dry herb or oil, but I find it just muddles things and makes it more difficult for the user. Rokin actually has a model that provides many of these advanced options called the Cyclone, but I find the Nitro2 to be a much more convenient device requiring very little upkeep or care.
The Nitro2 looks to be the best option for anyone in need of a simple and easy to use way to vape their own hash concentrate.

Buy Rokin Nitro Online

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