White Recluse CBD ONLY Pre Rolls (620mg CBD – 3 options)


buy White Recluse CBD Pre Rolls online

White Recluse won big in 2017 @ the NorCal High Times and this is a brand new CBD only version of that award-winning product!

  • 1.2 grams of high CBD hemp flower
  • Live Resin Cake Badder
  • Lab-tested
  • 640mg CBD


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buy White Recluse CBD Pre Rolls online

(620mg CBD – 3 options)

Seeking out the very best. That’s where we started – with the best flower. We didn’t stop there, either. Combining the best badder, with the best CBD, and even the best Raw® papers, to make a preroll that’s like nothing else on the market. The first time you see our product, you’ll notice the CBD crystal coating. The first time you taste it, you’ll feel instant satisfaction.

Taking home awards for Best Preroll at Hitimes Cannabis Cup, along with Best New Product at Dab-A-Thon, we’re on a mission to bring the very best and innovative products in the industry. The quality and taste is second to none, and we pride ourselves on our consistent, top-shelf high delivered every time.

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Vendor White Recluse
CBD Level 620mg
THC Level 0mg

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(Hybrid) Gelato #27, (Indica) Grape, (Sativa) Strawnane


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