Complete Cannabis Tour


Take a look into the future of cannabis. The route starts at Global Kush Dispensary Tours, where you’ll board a consumption-friendly limo bus. Then you’ll be transported to Denver’s premier cannabis facility — Seed & Smith.

Every part of the cannabis production process is showcased through glass at Seed & Smith. As you walk through the facility, you’ll peer into a living green grow, an extraction lab where oils and other concentrates are made, and an award-winning packaging center, following a plant’s lifespan along the full seed-to-sale adventure.

You’re free to ask questions and take photos on this guided cannabis journey, which will shed new light on the science, laws, and industry of weed. You’ll even have a chance to get hands-on with a full pound of cannabis and train your nose at the terpene-sniffing station.

On tour, you’ll get deep discounts at Seed & Smith’s boutique dispensary, as well as guidance from an expert budtender. They’ll match you with the best strains and products for you. Finally, sample your new goods on the bus as your cannabis crash course comes to an end.

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